The 2015 film entitled Carol has a cult following. One of its sharpest fan hooks is “Carol’s letter” or simply, “the letter;” it is a voice-over by Cate Blanchett that begins the film's ending. The attached image is the letter as it appears in screenwriter Phyllis Nagy’s script. The superfluous “like the morning sky” (highlighted by me) was dropped or cut at filming. Other than that, this text is what Blanchett read, verbatim.

An objective reader, and one not romanticized by the film, might immediately take issue with the inclusion of three clichés in the first paragraph: “there are no…

How does a 62-year-old straight, southern man fall in love with a film about the romance between two women in mid-20th-century New York? What is it about director Todd Haynes’s Carol that drew me in like few movies/books ever have? Yes, I added “books”; after watching the film on a Thursday night and again the following morning, I purchased Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Price of Salt on Friday afternoon and read it over the weekend. Carol (2015) is based on The Price of Salt (1952) via Phyllis Nagy’s award-winning screen adaption. …

Via pluck and ferocity, a scrappy orphan escapes horror to ultimately be “raised by a village” in Depression-era Alabama.

As Tinley Reat waited for her friends to hail a cab, she stepped to the newsstand. The Friday, December 4, 1942 issue of the Mobile-Press Register caught her eye. She silently read its headline, Twenty B-24s Bomb Naples. Tinley’s watch was in the shop, so she glanced up at the Battle House Hotel’s clock. Hanging above the hotel’s entrance, it glowed like a full moon against the dark sky. They had gathered between five and six for drinks at the hotel’s bar; it was now almost seven.

Barry called, “Tin, we have one; you ready?” She hurried towards Petty Officers…

What if we fought World War II like we’ve fought Covid-19?

#2 — Sir, are you familiar with our military facilities at Pearl Harbor?

#1 — Vaguely, I tried to purchase beach property on that island. Their real estate laws are a disaster.

#2 — Well, Sir, it was bombed by the Japanese early this morning.

#1 — Pearl Harbor was bombed? Geez, and I wanted a quiet Sunday morning. Hey, that’s really Hawaii’s problem. Contact some of the other state governors and see if any of them want to help Hawaii out?

#2 — Sir, I must point out…

December 31, 1926 — North of Rawhide — Lauderdale County, Alabama

“Eulis, wake up, son,” Clora said as she jostled her son’s shoulder.

“Yes, ma’am,” replied the slightly startled boy.

“Your daddy is feeling poorly an’ I need for you to take Curley out and kill some squirrels; we need some meat for today.” Clora then paused and ran her leathery fingers through her boy’s dark curls. “I have a biscuit and molasses on the table for you and some buttermilk.”

Eulis sat up in bed and thought, “My first hunt alone!” He pulled on his overalls and boots and…

I watched a movie last night

It got inside my head

Crawled around to find my heart

Took a bite and sat and stared

Hours later my coffee drips


As we enjoyed our breakfast out this morning, our waitress stepped up and asked my wife, “Ma’am, it seems like I should know you, what’s your name?”

Karen told the young woman her name and I added, “She’s a teacher.”

“That’s it!” the girl beamed and then glanced back across the diner to another party exclaiming, “It’s her!”

A young man approached. Knowing it was yet another of her beloved and now grown former elementary school students, Karen reached for and put on her glasses, “Wait! Wait! I’ll need these.” She grinned upon recognizing him.

“Mrs. Creasy, I knew that…

Last Wednesday, an old friend messaged out of the blue and asked me to speak about my writing. His slot for speaker responsibility had snuck up on him, and he apologetically added that the Rotary luncheon was Monday, five days away. I quickly glanced at my part-time job schedule and saw that my Monday shift started at 2:00. Given the relatively short driving distance, I told him that I would be thrilled to address his civic organization. He added, “Bring plenty of books to sell!” That Monday is now yesterday.

Yesterday morning I assembled my “kit” for the presentation: a…

April 1939 — Good Friday — Cloverdale, Alabama

Eulis was startled awake by a noisy crow. He had dozed off after eating a lunch that Louise Abramson had brought him at noon.

Louise’s family owned a dairy farm near Cloverdale where Eulis had been working and living for the last two years. Her father, Richard Abramson, and several of his nearby siblings were the offspring of a Finnish couple who had immigrated to the States before the turn of the century. They kept some excellent Old World farming techniques and even some of their culture’s traditions, such as enjoying the…

Dawn in the Bulge

Ardennes Forest in December 1944

The PFC awoke shivering. As his head cleared and his eyes opened, he realized it was dawn. It was around midnight when his foxhole buddy took over the task of watching their front. This was the longest piece of uninterrupted sleep the PFC had experienced in days. He wondered why Johnny would have let him sleep this long. The PFC’s neck was horribly stiff, so he shifted his eyes to the right to check on Johnny. Johnny was gone!

A sense of panic ensued. The PFC calmed himself by searching for a logical reason for his…

Danny Creasy

With a manuscript at 58, I decided life was too short for traditional publishing, and with stories to share, I self published 4 books.

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